40 Years of experience

Founded in the year 1988, Usimeca – Metalomecânica, Lda is an industrial company dedicated to the manufacture and trade, export and import of metalworking parts and structures for molds. Mr. Jaime Clemente Martins was the major driver of this company having in 1979 started the activity in individual name in a small garage of its building, with a lathe and some tools indispensable to the activity of production of parts for the mechanics in general.

With the constant adaptation to market changes and continuous demand to meet the needs of its clients (national and international) the company, of family, has been able to define its positioning and solidity in the metalic market.

In the year 2002, USIMECA – Metalomecânica, Lda., certified its quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2000 Standard, which is maintained up to the present day according to the ISO 9001 standard. In 2004, the object of society was altered by passing its name to: manufacture of metal molds, manufacture, trade, export and import of industrial equipment.

With more than 30 years of experience, the company has been able to monitor the market oscillations continuing to present a quality service to its customers. Nowadays, the company is very present in the center area, with the highest incidence in the regions of Leiria and Marinha Grande, also possessing a portfolio of clients spread throughout the country and also internationally.


Exists for?


What do you intend to be?


Common Vontades

Company policy

Global strategic guidelines for the company

Usimeca has as its mission the manufacture of metalworking parts and mould structures, developing its processes and competencies, in order to affirm itself as an asset for its customers and suppliers, guaranteeing the sustainability and growth of Business.

Usimeca intends to be a benchmark in the markets where it operates, adapting continuously to the requirements of the future, becoming a partner in the development and research activities of its clients.

Concern with customers, employees, business partners and other stakeholders-a sense of commitment and satisfaction;
- Rigor - know how to do, do well and always improve;
- Seriousness - in the way it acts in the day-to-day;
- Cooperation - internal and external through teamwork;
- Value creation - through the guidance for the results.

Monetize the business to ensure its sustainability and permanence in the market;
Continuously execute the processes, providing quality products and services, aiming the satisfaction of customers, partners and other stakeholders with the involvement of the entire company;
Develop human capital and concern with motivation and team spirit;
Comply with applicable legal, regulatory, customer and regulatory requirements, in particular the requirements of standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015;
Continually improve the efficiency of the quality management system.